2016 Presidential Election Race: An Early Look

map ballot boxBy Johnny Whitfield  —

Despite being two years away, the 2016 Presidential election race is already heating up.

I predict a Rand Paul ticket to beat a Hilary Clinton ticket 53 – 43 – 4. Most of that 4 goes to Gary Johnson, who gains more support for the third largest party in the nation.

If the GOP wants to have a chance, Rand is the ticket. If they want to lose, they should go with literally any other option because they won’t get the libertarians, independents or young people (18-30) if Rand isn’t the Presidential candidate.

Plus, Rand is loved by liberals who actually think instead of vote on party lines/regurgitated “news” from MSNBC, Salon or BuzzFeed. He’s the only GOP candidate who can get registered Democrats to vote for a Republican candidate because Rand is the anomaly who can tangle (and win) with establishment journalists/sound boards.

With Paul, you get a complete overhaul of the system: no more wars in the Middle East, end foreign aid, end the IRS, end the TSA, end the NSA and repeal Obamacare. You get the federal government out of marriage and decriminalized marijuana (full legalization is up to states, which most should be on board by 2016, especially after seeing economy booming for CO and WA).

With Hillary, you get… what? More of Obama’s policies? So more spying, more lying, more bombs, more drones, more indefinite detentions, more threats, more taxes, more printing fiat (fake) money, more spending said fake money, more debt, more welfare, more corporate welfare, and more throwing money at problems (ie. govt contractors that don’t work) without solving anything. More unconstitutional fiascoes like Obamacare. More failed Keynesian economics. More death and despair. More wealth destruction.

Rand stands for women more on issues that really matter (sexual assault and sex trafficking) than Hillary, who supports women in the “nanny-state provides taxpayer-funded birth control and abortions” way. Rand protects your right to live your life as you please on your own dollar, Hillary tries to let you live your life on other people’s money.

No, Rand isn’t his father, which is good and bad. Bad in that Ron spearheaded the resurgence of libertarianism in America and Rand is soft on some issues where his father was more firm (foreign policy). Good in that Rand is marketable to the masses instead of continuously marginalized like Ron.

Ron’s got the right overarching message though and we need it now more than ever: if the government would get out of the way, people will figure out the best way to handle situations.

If my predictions, from this post and the previous ones about the near-future fiscal, technological and political situations, are accurate we could have an amazing renewal of the American Dream from 2017-2025. I’m looking forward to it.

You can read more of my predictions for the near-future in my ebook, “A More Perfect Nation” on Amazon.

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