Communication Is Key – 3 Ways Political Candidates Can Keep in Touch With Their Constituents

political texting2Long ago when the American political system was first being established the population was much smaller and it was much easier for political candidates to communicate with their constituents. In addition there were fewer individuals who even had the right to vote which meant fewer people candidates had to reach out to. And the voters back then were often men who were better off and had the means to travel if they wished.

These days though a political candidate’s constituency may reach far and wide and getting a message across to the large number of people is much more difficult. Most people these days can vote but that does not necessarily mean that all of those people have the means to stay up to date on politics. This is why it is important for political candidates to experiment with new ways to keep in touch with their constituents and three ways in particular are being explored.

1. Social Networking Sites – One modern mode of communication that is being explored by modern political candidates is social networking sites. In the presidential election of 2008 many of the candidates reached out to voters who use social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Such sites are a great tool for reaching out to the young generations and those candidates that did utilize such sites received great feedback from voters for doing so.

Likely due to such communication methods between candidates and voters will lead to an increase in younger voters. Any candidate that wants to reach a large number of people may want to utilize such methods of communication.

2. Smart Phone Apps – Another way for candidates to communicate with constituents and voters is through smart phone apps such as those for the iPhone. This not only again helps political candidates to reach out to younger people but also to very busy individuals as well. Smart phone apps can give voters updates about candidates, allow them to leave comments, and even give them the opportunity to donate to a political candidate’s campaign.

Smart phone apps may not be being utilized by many political candidates yet but this is a trend that will likely grow in the future. Candidates who wish to stay ahead of the game will want to learn about such tools now.

3. Conference Call Town Hall Meetings – Conference calling programs can be used by political candidates to reach out to constituents as well and in many cases conference calling programs are free so this is a budget wise way to communicate. Free conference calling programs can be found online and do not take long to download and start using. Town hall meetings in the past were a great method for communicating with voters but it is hardly possible these days in its original form.

A conference call town meeting on the other hand is very possible and can have the same or at least a similar effect. Political candidates can schedule a conference call town meeting and allow people to call in, state their views, ask questions and really communicate with them which is what good political candidates really want from their voters afterall.

Author Andy Court has been writing communications blogs for almost 5 years. Andy Court consulted to the free conference calling system founded by Rondee.

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