• Growing up in India, fundraising was mostly synonymous with a smaller group of people who could afford to pay a hefty price for a fancy dinner. This excluded a large chunk of people who were too intimidated by the ticket prices or turned off by the glitz and glamor surrounding a charitable cause. Living in… [Continue Reading]

    Online Fundraising Is Here to Stay
  • Having worked on a large number of campaign websites over the years, we’ve found that the same problems tend to crop up again and again. If you are creating or maintaining a political campaign website, be sure to avoid these screwups. 1) Missing Critical Information – This includes the candidate’s name, elected position, election date… [Continue Reading]

    7 Political Campaign Website Screwups
  • There is no doubt that social media has become a necessary part of any political campaign. Campaign budgets are always tight and social media is probably going to give you the most connections per money spent than any other medium-that is, if you do it right. There have been numerous examples of how the use… [Continue Reading]

    7 Tips to Starting a Political Social Media Campaign
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